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PodcastAP uses the PodcastIndex.org API, the Mastodon API and a user's subscription feeds imported via OPML to follow Podcast, Music and other feeds on the Fediverse.

Most feeds are bridged from the XML feed to the Podcast Index database to the Podcast Index Activity Pub bridge (ap.podcastindex.org) using PI Activity Pub Server.

Some feeds are already on the Fediverse so their accounts. If they can be identified, the option to follow the account is shown in addition to the bridge. For example, feeds hosted on Castopod or PeerTube servers.

When a user logs in using a Mastodon or Pleroma instance, the feed can be followed automatically. For users using another Fediverse application, the feed user string can be copied and pasted in to the search for the Fediverse software.

When logged in, feeds currently followed will be found (up to the 320 accounts) and reported on the Feeds page.

Additionally, feeds can be found by searching for them on the Search page.


This tool is created by Steven Crader. Follow and support using any of the following: